Agreements, Deeds and Power of Attorney

We do agreements, deeds and power of attorney.

These documents are usually very important and serve as milestones of your life. And it is important to have someone you can trust to ensure that these documents clearly reflects what you want, safeguard your rights and are legally binding.

McQiu Lawyers team has experience with drafting and proving Agreements, Deeds and Powers of Attorney for over a decade and will look after you!


We offer 5-star service and help you drafting your:

●   Property and Leasing agreements;
●   Commercial agreements;
●   Sales Contracts;
●   Exclusive Distributorship Contracts;
●   Franchising Contracts;
●   Partnership Agreements;
●   Pre-nuptial Agreements;
●   Company Constitutions and Articles of Associations;
●   Confidentiality Agreements;
●   Employment Contract;
●   And so much more!

We are happy to represent you and negotiate with your potential business or personal partners, or we can sit down with all parties, listen to their needs and come up with a solution that satisfies everybody!


A deed is a very special, legally binding document, with specific formality requirements depending on your needs. Our principal Kathy Qiu has been drafting deeds for clients for more than a decade. Kathy always listens and complete understand your needs before drafting your deed – because we at McQiu Lawyers care about you and want to do our best to safeguard your rights.

Whether it is a trust deed to look after your family and loved ones, or your property situation is complex that it requires a deed to achieve your goal, McQiu Lawyers are people you can trust. Maybe it’s about leasing, divesting your properties, insurance policies or even superannuation, or even something more confusing, simply call (02) 8036 8333 today to make an appointment, and we will listen, and we will take care of it.

Power of Attorney

You may want someone to look after your properties and make sure your money is spent the way you have intended. You may want that person to start working today, or start at a future time. You may even want that person to continue to have power to deal with your money even when you are no longer be to make sound decisions. These can all be achieved by entering into power of attorneys. However, do you know that there is a general power of attorney, and there’s something called ‘ensuring power of attorney’? They have different effect and requirements, but the combination of them can work magic and ensure that your wish is upheld to the best extent! At McQiu Lawyers we are so confident and so good at creating power of attorneys, and we use these complex devices to help our clients, no matter what their needs are.

At McQiu Lawyers, we actually care about you and we safeguard your rights.

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