Succession Law

Succession Law: Wills and Probate

Estate planning is an area of law where there is absolutely no substitute for careful analysis and detailed advice. McQiu Lawyers helps people from all walks of life to avoid the pitfalls associated with using rudimentary templates to create a Will and assist probate through Supreme Court processing.

You want your wishes to be carried on. Our principal solicitor, Ms Kathy Qiu, is a lecturer of family law and succession Law at the University of Sydney. Kathy’s in-depth understanding of family law, will, probate, family provision, and will ensure that you do not inadvertently create a situation of unfairness or uncertainty in the distribution of your estate.

All of our Wills and estates work begins with a thorough analysis of your personal situation. We know how to create a proper strategy to meet your needs, and to protect your loved ones.

As a natural extension to our work assisting with your Will and Probate, we also work with your executors to secure Probate of your Will. If a deceased person has not made a Will, we also assist with applications for administration of the deceased’s estate.

As well as the initial drafting of a Will and creation of an estate plan, we can revise your existing Will when your circumstances change and your current arrangements need to acquire an additional layer of complexity. If necessary, we can also assist with estate litigation under the Succession Act.

Protecting your family’s future

A valid will is an essential protection for your family. It is vital that your wishes are made clear and specific to avoid misunderstandings, conflicting claims or provide opportunities for claims, disputes and possible litigation. The absence of a will can lead to other people (including government agencies) making your decisions for you.

McQiu Lawyers has years of experience in Wills and Probate matters. A valid, up-to-date will ensures your beneficiaries receive the assets you intend them to receive. We can assist you with:

●   Drafting and updating wills
●   Applying for probate or letters of administration (where there is no valid will)
●   Claims against wills and estates
●   Deceased estate claims
●   Supreme Court estate litigation
●   Powers of attorney
●   Enduring power of Attorney

Why choose McQiu Lawyers for your Wills and Probate matters?

Personalised and premium service: At McQiu Lawyers our priority is to offer you a high level of professional service tailored to your individual needs.

A broad range of solutions for all your legal needs: McQiu Lawyers has great experience to advice and management to help you with all stages of your life.

Most importantly, at McQiu Lawyers, we actually care about you and your family.

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