At McQiu Lawyers, we draft a wide range of documents including but not limited to Deeds of Agreement, Loan Agreements, Heads of Agreement, Financial Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Power of Enduring Guardianship, Contracts of Sale and Shareholders Agreement etc

We take the time to understand what it is you are trying to achieve and will customize your document to reflect that outcome.  We appreciate that although legal documents have standard features, attention must be given to how those features relate to an individual clients circumstance.  What may be appropriate for one client, will not necessarily make it appropriate for another.

Documents we provide include:

  • Property and Leasing agreements;
  • Commercial agreements;
  • Sales Contracts;
  • Exclusive Distributorship Contracts;
  • Franchising Contracts;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Financial Agreements (also known as Binding Financial Agreements or Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements;
  • Company Constitutions and Articles of Associations;
  • Confidentiality Agreements;
  • Employment Contract;

Depending on your individual wants and needs, we are able to act either on your individual behalf in negotiating terms of agreement or we can sit down with all parties with the intention of drafting the documents required.

At McQiu Lawyers, we specialise in drafting a range of Deeds. A Deed is a legally binding document, with specific formality requirements depending on the nature and purpose of the Deed.  Unlike a Contract however, it does not require consideration (i.e. payment of money or exchange of something valuable) to be binding.  It represents a promise to do something or not do something.

The types of Deeds we draft include Family Trust Deed, Unit Trust Deed, Deeds of Agreement i.e. Loan Agreement, Settlement & Release Agreement etc.

Whatever Deed you require, we can assist.

General and Enduring Power of Attorney’s

You may want someone to look after your assets and make sure your money is spent the way you have intended. You may want that person to start acting immediately or at a future time. You may even want that person to continue to have power to deal with your money even when you are no longer able to make sound decisions. These can all be achieved by entering into a Power of Attorney (POA).

There are two main types of POA’s – General and Enduring.  Depending on your intentions, we will will advise you on which type is best suited to your needs and ensure that your best interests are safeguarded.

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