Immigration Law is an area that changes practically every day. The legislation, rules and regulations, and the governmental policies can change from one day to the next. McQiu Lawyers find that staying current with this area of law requires constant vigilance. Because we care about you.

We handle the full range of immigration matters, including, business migration, skilled migration, family migration, student visas, holiday visas, visa refusals, overstayers, ministerial intervention cases and litigation in Tribunals and Federal Courts.

Proof of our professional excellence is the very high success rate that we continue to achieve for our immigration practice clients.

Don’t know which visa to get?

We at McQiu Lawyers understand not everyone is a migration agent, and clients don’t always know what visa options are available to them. And that is why we always encourage clients to sit down with us and tell us why they want to stay in Australia. There may be more options than you think!

Applying for a visa? – we can help

McQiu Lawyers are so experienced in Immigration Law that we can help with almost all types of visa application, most commonly:

  • Student visas;
  • Business visas;
  • Investment visas;
  • Work visas;
  • Skilled migration;
  • Partner visas;
  • 188 Significant investor visa;
  • Other family visas (parents, dependent, etc.);

We also able to represent you in MRT, RRT, Federal Court and letter Ministry interview. Make an appointment today by calling (02) 8036 8333 for a stress-free visa application.

Business and Investment visas

Business and investment visas are very different from other types of visa, because applications for these visas require far more evidence both in quantity and variety. Lucky for you, McQiu Immigration lawyers have a wealth of experience and can advise on your best strategy to invest and live in Australia. We have helped many successful businessmen and businesswomen to extend their success to Australia.

Given the amount of money you need to invest, and given the risk you have to take on when establishing a business, and the requirement for your business (once established) to achieve certain targets before you can qualify for permanent residence, it is critical that you receive comprehensive advice from experts in immigration and commercial law who can explain:

  • which visa is best suited to your circumstances
  • the visa criteria for a provisional visa
  • what the State Governments will expect to see before they sponsor your application
  • the evidence you will need to put forward to qualify for a business or investment visa
  • the targets you need to achieve in order to qualify for permanent residence
  • what is required to legally establish and operate a business or investment in Australia
  • the risks you take on as a business owner

With McQiu Lawyers you can rest assure that our team of commercial lawyers and business migration specialists will focus on your needs, understand and minimise your risks, and optimise your visa application for a speedy result! We will advise whether you qualify for a business or investor visa. We can help you set up companies and business structures, and can explain what you need to do to transition from the visa to a permanent residence visa.

To make an appointment today simply call (02) 8036 8333

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