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Chinese Consultant: Mr Guanping Xu

In 1993 Mr Xu began his career as Vice Monitor of the 92830 New Army. He received numerous commendations and enjoyed an illustrious career raising to the position of Deputy Director of Military Organisation. In 2017 he retired from the army and for the next 2 years he was the General Manager of Guangdong Qiaoda Law Firm. During his tenure as General Manager, he oversaw the successful expansion of the firm such that it is now one of the most well-known law firms in Dongguan. One of his most successful projects whilst there was the setting up of a mediation department within the law firm and the employment of a mediation team nearly 160 people strong. Mr Xu’s successes are the direct result of his excellent team management skills. He has the capacity to assist Corporations in the organisation aspects of implementing new departments and streamlining internal processes necessary for business development.

+86 (0898) 66715 183

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