Our People

Australian Consultant: Tim Williams

Tim Williams is a dedicated lawyer and Lecturer who helps individuals and businesses deal with government.
After a long career in government, State and Federal, including as a parliamentary staffer, Tim joined the firm in June 2019. He is available to assist clients in the areas of:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in trade and commerce, particularly in the fields of Employment Law, Industrial Relations, and medical defence;
  • Commercial law
  • Administrative Law in both State and Commonwealth jurisdictions;
  • Crime
    both summary and indictable offences, including Work Health and Safety matters
  • Commonwealth crime, including both Criminal Code offences, and ASIC, ATO, and Centrelink fraud matters
    Media, arts and entertainment, sport, culture and heritage
    (including legal advice to public figures and their managers)
  • Wills, succession and estate planning (including testamentary trusts) for complex and/or high value estates, and for high-net-worth individuals;

Tim is also available to advise charities, clubs and associations, and NGOs on matters of:

  • governance (including constitutions, charters, and rules);
  • duties of officials;
  • revenue and tax matters;
  • conflict resolution and internal misconduct matters;
  • ethics and corruption education, with particular reference to statutory officials and volunteer/ honorary office holders.

Tim can also assist clients with individual and industry representation and advocacy to Parliament and executive government (public enquiries, departmental/ regulatory reviews, policy submissions etc).

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